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Mickey Flood

My name is Mickey Flood and I will be one of your guides/teachers through your English language experience here at Lanquest. I received my TEFL teaching certificate back in September 2012, through a one month hands-on intensive course which was held in Prague. Since this time, I have been teaching English to foreign learners of all levels and ages, including a one year stay in China where I taught at a private English school for children and adults.

I have definitely enjoyed my time experiencing new places and meeting new students who are looking to learn and improve upon their English language skills. I teach because I believe that, though all lessons are about English, every class can be so different and varied based on the student(s) which makes every class new and unpredictable. With that, I would also like to mention that I teach because I feel with my unique experiences and non-college teaching background I provide something completely different, compared to many other teachers in this field. Also, who wouldn’t like the opportunity to meet new people and watch them progress in something. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, if you are looking for a worthwhile, enthusiastic and enlightening trip to enhance or start your English come on over to Lanquest to start communicating and understanding better today. I’ll be waiting.

Mickey Flood
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